Gain character and trust
within your self and others.
Understand who you are and
how others perceive you.
Create new space for thought and commitment.
Live purposefully and powerfully.

What is Leadership?

If you interact to achieve outcomes, odds are you play a leadership role. Effective leadership is an openness that radiates throughout family, business and community.

How we show up in one part of life is how we show up in all. Are you getting the results you want – in all aspects of LIFE? Or, is something missing that keeps you from the success you imagined?

“Perhaps one day all of this is going to be better, …get fixed, I will have arrived at…, my spouse will…, my work will…, my partners will.., my boss will…, my children will…,  others will…”
You bear down to make a workable paradigm. Is this your happiness? Will things ever be any different? What keeps success just beyond your fingertips?

What is Coaching?

Some of the most effective leaders work with a coach to gain a safe, independent sounding board for perspective, resolving problems and activating resolution. Yet, coaching can be episodic, intellectual and tepid.

Our biggest challenges and opportunities reside in the deep.

Transformational Coaching – A Call to Action

Change, creativity, trust and engagement are from the heart. My role as your coach is to create space in you for challenging, focused critical thinking and self-assessment.

I can help you find ways to relinquish old practices and assumptions that have held you back, replacing negative isolation with positive ability, gaining courage and being honest with your self and others.

Together we will make a close examination of where you stand in these key areas:

  • Accountability
  • Performance
  • Decision Making
  • Engagement
  • Trust-Connection
  • Neural and Conversational Intelligence
  • Balance
  • Success
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Understanding with Others

Based upon what we learn together, we will co-create goals and form a workable paradigm for success. And, I will hold you accountable for achieving these results.

How We Work Together

At the core of transformational coaching is rigorous dialogue. The possibilities that emanate from your and my dialogue absolutely depend upon being open, honest and willing with each other. This approach will likely seem precarious at first.
My experience in decades of building teams, coaching, peer exchange groups, and conversational-intelligence, combined with your commitment, make it easier for you to cross that threshold so we move forward beyond where most fear to tread.

There is us and there is life. Do you confuse assumption with fact? Our assumptions about life begin at birth, imposed, often subconsciously, by those around us. We never see all of life – just bits and pieces. Our life-view filters these bits and pieces to feed our assumptions and make us feel ‘right’. Our assumptions thus determine our emotions, our actions. our results, and how we are perceived.

In all likelihood you have a much greater self yet realized.