Transformational Self-Awareness is the process of gaining understanding and altitude in collaboration and impact upon others, understanding the essence of who we are, new possibilities in thought, purpose and action, exploring purposefully, living powerfully.

My Practice in Self-Awareness combines Leadership-At-All-Levels, Execution and Alignment through a journey that extends well beyond coaching, extending through rigorous dialogue to explore new meaning and trust in personal and team dynamics, feedback and strategic alignment with our ‘self’ and others. Honesty, trust and confidentiality are essential to the process.

Mindful Listening


Having Vs. Being

Belief Systems

There is us and there is life. We confuse assumption with fact. Our assumptions about life begin at birth, granted by those closest to us. We do not see all of life – just bits and pieces. Our life-view filters these bits and pieces to justify our assumptions and make us ‘right’. Our assumptions thereby determine our actions and thus our results, how we are perceived, how we show ourselves to the world, and how we view our ‘self’.

Emotional Intelligence

Fear and Shame