ABOUT  fifteen billion years ago there was precisely absolute nothingness and then within a nanosecond the material universe blew into existence with all the elements and matter to create an entire self-expanding universe. §

HISTORY, PHYSICS, GENETICS, EVOLUTION and CHEMISTRY explain a lot about us but they don’t explain it all.  We come from farther away than space and longer ago than time. ƃ

ALL DOMAINS OF EXISTENCE from the physical world, through the biosphere, into the mind and to the divine – exist within us – “the ALL”§ 

THUS, “We have something of God within us the way we have something of the stars”.ƃ

YET, we have become isolated from ourselves. We forego our most powerful aspects and assume intellect is enough to carry us through life. But, intellect by itself is inadequate. And the void caused by our missing aspects fills with dread. We become frail. Life becomes too big. We compensate and attempt to make life hierarchical and predictable in our own terms. We make up stories; cling to attachments; create façades; and play at life through assumptions and beliefs dealt face-down to us from birth.  We become stuck in an illusion into which we draw others – an unworkable paradigm that not only holds us back but also those we cherish the most. Ə


WE can attain a profound shift in our lives, but doing so requires work. Together we explore and discover to reclaim that missing space inside. We transcend in understanding of ourselves, those we love, and others, transforming how we see ourselves and others to gain a new life-view of possibilities.

ONLY THEN can we  show up in life as whole, connecting, and complete in emulation of the greatest miracle of all.

To achieve this life-view is to gain HOLARITY®


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