When Ward and I decided to move to Sewanee fulltime and make it our new home in the fall of 2010, we were desperately seeking simplification of our lives. We were tired of traffic, of a social life largely consisting of pay-to-go parties, of being called the granola couple at our country club because we believed in global warming before it was cool, and of mega-churches with vapid “Hi, how are you’s?” every Sunday morning.

We wanted Wardie our last child to grow up where she is free to run outdoors in the woods or to ride her bike to town for lunch with her friends, to meet her friends for a movie at the SUT without parental supervision, to play German spotlight on the practice ball field at night with her neighborhood buddies, boys and girls alike or to explore secret entrances to every auditorium at the University and wade in the fountain or swim at the Res with her besties on a Saturday afternoon.

What I did not expect was the amount of spiritual encouragement and opportunity this community has provided for me and my family. From EfM and the recent Otey Sunday school programs to involvement on too many committees and projects at the church to name here; to community organizations like the Fourth of July Committee, and my involvement with the Kappa Deltas as a member of their alumni advisory board, to my monthly girls Bunco group; to weekly Pilates group classes. I have many ways to connect with so many people every week. It is truly enriching and spiritually fulfilling because I learn so much from every relationship. There is much spiritual food for me in Sewanee.

From this EfM group I would like more of the same to continue connecting with each of you on a deeper spiritual level learning about your own journeys. And hopefully to emerge more spiritually aware and mature about the world in which I live.

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