From meeting hundreds of Martha’s friends immediately following her death and listening to their stories of a Martha I had not known, I discovered that my assumptions of my life and Martha’s had held me back from connecting into that greater person she had become. I then realized something good could and in fact had to emerge from something so terrible. But how?

Not until I ran into friend and filmmaker David Earnhardt in Fido’s did the idea of a film begin to evolve. “A Life Purpose” is not my story. It is a collaboration on many levels. It seeks questions rather than answers.

Since its creation I have shared “A Life Purpose” with hundreds of people and groups. In response, many have shared their stories with me, many of which had never been revealed until that moment.

We each have a story that is profound in some way and that deserves the courage to be told, opening us and others to discover the new beginnings.

A Life Purpose